The Institute Provides Analysis of Several Leading Privacy Surveys

The Information Policy Institute today issued a “Privacy Survey Report Card” grading four prominent privacy surveys along five dimensions. The Report Card’s evaluation is designed to help legislators and regulators make sense of current privacy research, and to stimulate a constructive discussion of method among leading privacy researchers. Dr. Michael A. Turner, President and Senior Scholar […]

The Institute Addresses Congressional Economic Leadership Institute On Capitol Hill

Dr. Michael A. Turner, President and Senior Scholar of the Information Policy Institute today addressed the Congressional Economic Leadership Institute (CELI) in Washington D.C. CELI assembled a blue ribbon panel of experts to discuss ongoing issues related to the renewal of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Other Participants included, J. Howard Beales, III, Director of the […]

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Report Released by the IPI

Study of 3.5 million credit files shows significant consumer costs if key FCRA provisions are allowed to expire More than 88 percent of consumers’ credit scores would be affected if a patchwork of state laws were allowed to replace the current national consumer credit system, according to a report released today by the Information Policy […]

Conference will Focus on Media Concentration and Local Markets

The Information Policy Institute will host a conference in affiliation with the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) on the impact of media concentration and consolidation on local markets. CITI’s director, Dr. Eli Noam is scheduled to deliver the opening remarks. The conference, “Media Concentration and Local Markets,” will bring together experts from industry, academia, consumer groups, and […]

Institute Cautions FCC on Consolidation: Rules Change May Harm Consumers, Competition, and Could Create “Information Divide”

The Information Policy Institute yesterday filed comments to the Federal Communications Commission strongly urging the Commission to forestall any intended relaxation of existing media ownership rules. The Institute warned that a substantial relaxation of these rules could yield results that are contrary to the public interest. “This Commission is about to throw the media and […]