United States Projects

Dr. Michael Turner is an articulate expert who possesses a global vision in the field of information policy, and we highly value our collaborations relative to our ongoing research in credit access and credit risk modeling.  He and his staff are very thorough and methodical in conducting research and forming conclusions.  Their work is theoretically sound and the results of their studies are of practical benefit to stakeholders.

Clark R. Abrahams
Global Marketing Director, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, SAS Institute

As United Way seeks to create a greater impact on individual lives as well as entire communities, we realize the importance of evaluating our work to ensure the best results possible.  Working with PERC and Dr. Turner’s entire team, we are designing a metrics tool that evaluates the short-term and long-term effect of a variety of strategies to improve families’ financial stability.  This tool and the information gained will be used to shape future strategies and investments to strengthen communities across the nation.  Collaborating with PERC on this project gives us a unique opportunity that would have been difficult to replicate without their involvement and leadership.

Eric Aft
Vice President, Community Planning & Investment Division, United Way of Forsyth County

“There have been few opportunities to move community development forward in a way that both produces systemic change and increases an individual’s access to capital. The work that PERC and Dr. Michael Turner have produced to demonstrate how alternative personal information can enhance credit profiles and normalize credit access has the benefit of turning existing models on their head and altering how models will operate in the future.”

John Talmage
President and CEO, Social Compact

“Recovery, Renewal, and Resiliency” sheds  light on the continuing struggles of business owners  to fully recover  in the  aftermath of the Katrina disaster . PERC has made  an important contribution to the continuing national debate on the hurricane recovery.    PERC’s disaster recovery dashboard has the potential make sure that the long recovery process that affected Gulf Coast small business owners doesn’t happen again  in other areas affected by disaster.

Robert Strom, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Policy, Kauffman Foundation

The findings generated by PERC’s report on the recovery of small businesses along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina were exceptional.  The Foundation for the Mid South was particularly interested in this project because of the snapshot it provided of recovery by combining credit and socio-demographic data.  Consequently, the information informed our work and grantmaking because the report highlighted certain inequities and ineffective policies during the rebuilding phase after the disaster.

Chris Crothers
Director, Foundation for the Mid South

International Projects

TransUnion’s relationship with PERC and the work they have conducted on our behalf in Central America has been invaluable.  Through our joint community outreach and communication efforts, we have been able to make great strides in the education of government officials, the financial community and consumers on the benefits of a full-file credit reporting system.

Maria Olga Rehbein
President, TransUnion Latin America

The work of the Information Policy Institute has played a critical role in advancing the credit reporting debate in Australia. For over two decades various organisations have attempted to promote reform in this important area, with no success.  However in a 2005 speaking tour, organised by D&B, Dr Turner applied a level of research and analysis to the debate for the first time that provided an important launching pad to the reform now being considered in Australia.

Christine Christian
CEO, Dun & Bradstreet Australasia

The Peking University ACOM Financial Information Research Center (PAFIRC) and PERC co-hosted the “Peking University International Academic Conference on Personal Credit Reporting” in Beijing. PERC’s expertise on global credit reporting and credit policy issues was instrumental to the event’s success. PERC’s publications are widely read by government officials and academics in China and are well respected.

Dr. Weimin Zhou
Deputy Director of PAFIRC

PERC’s Asia-Pacific Credit Coalition has been an invaluable partner to the Advisory Group on APEC Financial System Capacity-Building in our efforts, in conjunction with the APEC Business Advisory Council, to develop and promote a regional standard for consumer credit reporting. The research and personal testimonials from PERC have helped shape the general understanding of the social and economic importance of full-file, comprehensive consumer credit reporting to a private bureau. We look forward to continuing our partnership with PERC and the APCC to promote economic development through sound risk management across APEC.

Dr. Julius Caesar Parrenas
Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Chinatrust Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
Senior Advisor, Taiwan Institute of Economic Researc