Conference will Focus on Media Concentration and Local Markets

The Information Policy Institute will host a conference in affiliation with the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) on the impact of media concentration and consolidation on local markets. CITI’s director, Dr. Eli Noam is scheduled to deliver the opening remarks.

The conference, “Media Concentration and Local Markets,” will bring together experts from industry, academia, consumer groups, and the media to consider recent trends in media ownership in the context of the FCC’s stated intent to relax some or all of the existing media ownership and cross-ownership rules. The composition of the three panels will reflect both sides of the debate over the media ownership rules.

Featured panelists include Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America; Stephen Effros of Effros Communications; Neal Bocian of Prime Communications; Jim Winston of the National Association of Black-owned Broadcasters; Jack Goodman of the National Association of Broadcasters;Dr. Benjamin Compaine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Tony Sanders of Inside Radio; and Dr. Michael Turner of the Information Policy Institute. Gene Kimmelman of Consumers Union will deliver closing remarks.