PERC Report Finds COVID-19 Proposed Data Suppression/Deletion Measures Likely to be More Harmful than Helpful

A new report released by the Policy & Economic Research Council (PERC) found that proposed data suppression/deletion measures to address the economic fallout of COVID-19 will dramatically reduce access to credit should they be implemented. The report, titled “Impacts from System-Wide Suppression of Derogatory Data in Credit Reporting,” simulated the impacts of largescale suppression and […]

Expanded Public Credit Registries May Harm Lower Income Borrowers/MSMEs

A new report released this week by the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) on the dynamics between private credit bureaus (PCBs) and public credit registries (PCRs) found growing global momentum to strengthen PCRs. The report, titled “Are Expanding PCRs Crowding Out PCBs?” looked at the potentially harmful effects of this trend and the optimal […]

PERC Calls for Non-Financial Lenders to be Recognized as Creditors Under ECOA & Regulation B

In comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s request for information, the Policy & Economic Research Council (PERC) called for certain non-financial lenders—including but not limited to mobile network operators or MNOs—to be explicitly recognized in the definition of “creditors.” The CFPB had requested information to identify opportunities to prevent credit discrimination, promote fair, equitable, […]