Teleservices Report Released by the Information Policy Institute

No Clear Mandate for National “Do Not Call” List As the FTC Prepares to Create One Information Policy Institute Will Push for Exemption to Help Magazines, Newspapers and Educational Materials The Information Policy Institute released its path breaking study “Consumers, Citizens, Charity, and Content: Attitudes Toward Teleservices” at a news conference in Washington, D.C. today. […]

The IPI Calls Privacy Template for “Opt-in” Bill an Inadequate and Inappropriate Resource for Privacy Legislation

The Information Policy Institute today called the Gellman study an inappropriate and inconclusive resource as an explanation of consumer privacy concerns. The study is currently being used as a source of support for legislation such as Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings’ (D-SC) privacy bill, which will be discussed in a hearing tomorrow. “Our analysis shows that […]

Online Privacy Protection Bill is ‘Step in the Right Direction,’ but Won’t Make Internet Safer

Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings (D – SC) today introduced the “Online Personal Privacy Act” designed to protect consumers and promote commerce online. Analysis of the staff draft of the bill by The Information Policy Institute staff concludes that the Hollings bill will likely fail on both accounts. “Requiring American firms to gain permission before using ‘sensitive’ […]