Personalized Credit Education: Consumer and Small Business Owner Attitudes, Impacts and Impediments

This study is the final report on research that examines resulting credit score changes and consumer attitudes following the use of personalized credit education sessions by study participants. The credit education service examined is offered by a national credit bureau. Such services (offered by for-profit non-lender/non-creditor entities) are covered and inhibited by CROA.

CRA Credit Education Services: An Examination of Consumer Impacts

This study was designed to gauge the impact of a personalized credit education service from a national credit bureau on consumer understanding of credit reports and scores as measured by changes in credit scores and results from a participant survey.

Is CROA Choking Credit Report Literacy?

This report examines whether the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) is unduly inhibiting the use of needed credit report and education services. It then explores whether the 20 year old CROA could be revised in ways that maintain consumer and credit market protections.

Summary of A Reexamination of Who Gains and Who Loses from Credit Card Payments

This report is a summary of A Reexamination of Who Wins and Who Loses from Credit Card Payments, which provides an in-depth analysis and reexamination of the theory explored by authors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 2010 that credit cards and credit card rewards programs lead to a regressive transfer of merchant costs at the point of sale. It examines how sensitive the Boston Fed staff report findings are to variations in the underlying assumptions and modifications to the accounting framework used.