2003 Privacy Report Card

This survey rates the accurateness of five privacy surveys released in 2003.

Measuring the True Cost of Privacy: A Rebuttal to “Privacy, Consumers, and Costs”

The policy debate surrounding privacy is already murky, as there exists little agreement on the scope of the issues, the problems and how to resolve them, and even how privacy is defined. Robert Gellman’s latest contribution to this debate, rather than lending clarity to the issues surrounding privacy, largely serves to further muddy the waters. This is unfortunate, because, if one takes the time to sift through the ill-defined terms, overly-simplistic arguments, and unsubstantiated assertions, there are points worthy of further consideration.

Consumers, Citizens, Charity and Content: Attitudes Toward Teleservices

This study examines public opinion concerning various telephone-related topics, including product and service telephone solicitation, product and service acquisition habits over the telephone, satisfaction with recent telephone-based transactions, as well as opinions and household experience concerning state “Do Not Call” (DNC) lists.