Authors Archives: Michael A. Turner, Ph.D.

Recovery, Renewal, and Resiliency: Gulf Coast Small Businesses Two Years Later

The first PERC survey of small businesses in New Orleans and other FEMA-declared disaster areas in the wake of the 2005 hurricanes finds disparate impacts among different segments of business owners. The results also yield insights into the efficacy of existing recovery policy, and identify policy shortcomings and unmet needs.

The Impact of Provider- Identifiable Data on Healthcare Quality and Cost

This study examines the uses of provider-identifiable data within the US healthcare system with particular emphasis on the impact of the commercial use of this data on the market for prescription drugs. Impacts on market structure, the operation of the market, and other non-economic variables are also addressed. Additionally, the study explores the role of these data in regulatory compliance and public research.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Increasing Access to Affordable Mainstream Credit Using Alternative Data

PERC’s landmark study on bringing the estimated 35 to 54 million Americans outside the mainstream credit system into the credit fold, Give Credit Where Credit Is Due offers feasible market solutions involving “alternative” or non-traditional payment data, such as payment obligations such as rent, gas, electric, insurance, and other recurring obligations, to evaluate the risk profile of a potential borrower.

Towards a Rational Data Breach Notification Regime

Identity theft is a significant problem in need of federal legislation. Any standard for breach notification must be uniform and therefore national. This study examines the challenges of establishing a national standard.

How Safe and Secure Is It?

This study is an assessment of personal data privacy and security in business process outsourcing firms in India.