Are Expanding PCRs Crowding Out PCBs?

This report looks at the dynamics between private credit bureaus (PCBs) and public credit registries (PCRs) and finds growing global momentum to strengthen PCRs, sometimes to the detriment of PCBs. This trend has potentially harmful effects, as shown in 10 country case studies featured in the report. Credit information sharing systems are vital infrastructure and should be structured optimally. International best practices dictate that PCRs are complementary to PCBs, with PCRs playing a supervisory and risk monitoring role, while PCBs provide predictive credit and other data to lenders and other market actors to aid underwriting credit and eligibility determination for individuals and to assess loan portfolio risk and performance.


Authors: Ariane Ong, Bianca Lee, Kazumi Moore, Michael A. Turner, Ph.D., Patrick Walker, M.A.