The Economic Consequences of Credit Information Sharing

PERC was commissioned by the OECD to write a white paper on the economic value of personal financial data for a roundtable on the current environment for protecting privacy with a focus on the economic dimension. PERC’s white paper discusses how broader information-sharing backed by consumer rights has promoted efficiency and inclusion while maintaining and protecting confidentiality. It represents one of the first attempts to examine data sharing from the perspective of economic consequences. While the Fair Information Principles were disseminated 30 years ago, these guidelines have been understood largely in terms of privacy with little attention paid to the economic impacts of different information sharing systems. The white paper, relying on PERC research, as well as similar research by others, introduces policymakers to the effects of variations in financial information sharing.


Authors: Michael A. Turner, Ph.D., Patrick Walker, M.A., Robin Varghese, Ph.D.