Workshop on Credit Reporting Systems

Dr. Turner will be attending and participating in the APEC workshop on credit reporting systems in Santiago. Topics of discussion include credit reporting in the digital age, new technologies, and impacts on financial inclusion. Stay tuned for more details.


The Qingdao Guofu Financial Assets Exchange Co. Ltd is hosting the 7th International Symposium on Warehouse Finance and Collateral Management in Qingdao. The conference will focus on warehouse technology. More details are coming soon.

Open Banking Summit

Kazumi Moore attended the Canadian Lenders Association event in Toronto on Open Banking in Canada. Find the agenda here and the presentations here.


Patrick Walker will be attending and speaking at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Business Advisory Council seminar. The discussion will focus on¬†credit information sharing environments, small and medium enterprise access to finance, cross-border credit information sharing, and a credit information law for Thailand. More details are coming soon.

APFF Financial Data Ecosystem Roadmap Conference

Dr. Turner will be attending the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum’s Financial Data Ecosystem Roadmap Conference in Beijing, China, hosted by the¬†Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. The event will focus on personal data and data governance legislation. More details coming soon!

Credit Invisibles & Credit Deserts in Canada

PERC Canada is presenting at a workshop on Credit Invisibles & Credit Deserts hosted by Blakes, TransUnion Canada, and the Canadian Lenders Association. Topics include demographic characteristics of the Canadian credit invisible population, their geographic concentration, and the payday lending boom in Canada. Find our preliminary findings in our presentation here.

ii2030 Workshop

Patrick Walker attended the ii2030’s agriculture track workshop in Berlin, which focuses on integrated risk management for smallholder farmers at the center of the global food security challenge.

2nd ABAC Meeting

Patrick Walker will be attending the Advisory Group and Financial and Economic Working Group meetings on behalf of PERC and the Asia-Pacific Credit Coalition, serving as a resource. He will be speaking on the role of credit information sharing in financial system capacity-building. Stay tuned for more details.

CS Week 2019

Rabih Namani will be speaking at the 2019 Customer Service Week conference for utility, electric, gas, and water professionals in Phoenix. His presentation will address business process synergy. Click here for more details.

Spring 2019 ICCR Meeting

Dr. Turner will be attending the Spring 2019 ICCR meeting hosted by the Banque de France. Stay tuned for more details!