Asia-Pacific Forum on Financial Inclusion

Dr. Robin Varghese will attend the Asian Development Bank’s Asia-Pacific Forum on Financial Inclusion: Approaches, Regulations and Cross-Border Issues in late June. The conference will be held over the course of three days. Among the issues discussed will be information, credit bureaus and regulations as well as microfinance regulations. For more information about the event, […]

Moneyball and Credit Access

PERC hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill designed to move beyond the rhetoric, and examine a key policy issue relating to consumer credit reporting from a fact-based perspective. PERC has assembled a panel of experts who will explore the pros and cons of including fully reported—both timely and late payment information—non-financial payment data, so-called “alternative data,” […]

APEC Business Advisory Council

Dr. Robin Varghese attended a meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the second metting of the year, the first took place in February in Hong Kong, China. The focus of the meetings is to work to develop the ABAC 2012 Report to APEC Economic Leaders.

PERC Presenting in Australia

Dr. Turner will present results from a forthcoming PERC study on the impacts of credit reporting regime change upon credit markets and the economy in Australia and New Zealand. Turner will address industry senior executives, government officials, journalists and other audiences during a four city, two country tour.

PERC Addresses Kenyan Central Bank & Kenyan Bankers Association

Drs. Turner and Varghese will address the Kenyan Central Bank, Kenyan Bankers Association and others at an event hosted by Financial Sector Deepening Kenya. Turner and Varghese will present findings from a recent analysis of credit reporting in Kenya.

APEC Business Advisory Council Financial Services Capacity Building Meeting

On behalf of the Asia-Pacific Credit Coalition, PERC CEO & President Dr. Michael Turnerpresented at the APEC Business Advisory Council Financial Services Capacity Building meeting on Nov. 8th in Honolulu, HI. This event preceded the APEC CEO Summit, also in Honolulu.