American Innovators: America’s Next Tech Upgrade

Dr. Michael Turner attended the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center’s (C_TEC) event, where C_TEC launched four white papers that outline the Chamber’s technology agenda for 2021. The event featured policymakers and technology leaders to discuss what is necessary during the next presidential administration to ensure technology can be a lifeline and accelerator for […]

Credit Reporting in the New Normal Workshop

Dr. Turner participated in this virtual workshop on “Credit Reporting in the New Normal, Forward Looking” hosted by the Thai Bankers’ Association and the APEC Financial Infrastructure Development Network. He discussed the ecosystem for credit reporting service providers. Check out our presentation here.

CDIA 2020 Law & Industry Conference

Dr. Turner will be participating in the Consumer Data Industry Association’s virtual 2020 Law & Industry Conference. He will be speaking on the panel on COVID-19: Implications for the Consumer Reporting Industry and discussing our recent paper on this topic. Find more details about the event here.

Live Q&A with CDIA

Accurate and complete credit data is integral to the overall safety and soundness of the economy as well as post-pandemic economic recovery. Data suppression in the wake of COVID-19 has been a hot topic in our field today, however research shows data suppression is more harmful for consumers and credit economies than not reporting accurately […]

Accelerating Post-COVID Recovery

Dr. Turner will be participating in this videoconference hosted by the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum and Thai Bankers’ Association. He will be discussing policy and regulatory measures to support MSMEs, and specifically how policies governing credit reporting should be handled under the present circumstances. Read PERC’s research on small business recovery from disasters here, and our […]

Treatment of Credit Data in a Crisis: Practical Considerations & Challenges

The PERC team attended this online webinar on credit reporting policy issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, hosted by the International Finance Corporation. Several industry experts shared the approaches their countries were taking, as well as their thoughts on the International Committee for Credit Reporting’s (ICCR) guidance on this issue.

Spring 2020 ICCR Meeting

Dr. Turner will be attending the Spring 2020 International Committee for Credit Reporting meeting hosted by the Bundesbank. Stay tuned for more details!

5th Africa CIS Conference

Patrick Walker participated in the 5th Africa Credit Information Sharing Conference, hosted by CIS Kenya, on “Embedding Robust Credit Infrastructure for Accelerate Economic Growth in Africa: Roadmap towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth.” Learn more about the event and register here.

Accuracy in Consumer Reporting

Dr. Turner participated as a panelist in this joint Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-Federal Trade Commission workshop. He spoke on “Current Accuracy Topics in Traditional Credit Reporting,” and the seminal PERC and FTC reports on credit data accuracy. Watch the live webcast here.

Digital Financial Inclusion Summit

Dr. Turner will be attending the Institute of International Finance’s Digital Financial Inclusion Summit in Cairo. Topics include mainstreaming digital financial inclusion, modernizing the financial inclusion process, and integrating emerging markets into the global economy. Click here for more details.