Policy Research

Since 2002, PERC has released dozens of quantitative policy studies that have had real impacts on national, state, and international policy outcomes. Examples include:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act: Access, Efficiency, and Opportunity (2003) cited extensively in debate around FACT Act. Outcome—permanent reauthorization of 7 pre-emptive provisions;
  • Credit Impacts of More Comprehensive Credit Reporting in Australia and New Zealand (2012) cited as basis for changing Privacy Act in Australia. Outcome—policy change permitting full-file reporting;
  • Roadmap to Reform: Lessons From Around the World to Guide Credit Reporting Reform in Australia (2008) cited as basis for reforms in New Zealand. Outcome—policy change permitting full-file reporting;
  • Optimal Consumer Credit Bureau Market Structure in Singapore (2009) contributes to reform in Singapore. Outcome—effective competition in credit reporting; and,
  • Economic Fairness Through Smarter Lending: Some Factors to Remember on the Eve of Credit Reporting Reform in Brazil (2007) cited extensively in debate in Brazil. Outcome—policy change permitting full-file credit reporting.