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Michael Turner, Ph.D.

Michael Turner, Ph.D. is the founder, President and CEO of PERC. He is a prominent expert on credit access, credit reporting and scoring, information policy, and economic development. He has testified before Congress and numerous state legislatures, and presented studies to numerous government agencies including the FTC, the FCC, the FDIC, the Federal Reserve Board […]

Gabriel Davel

Gabriel is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has degrees in Accounting, Economics and Econometrics.  He also has a Masters’ Degree in Development Finance from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague and an Advanced Diploma in Banking from the University of Johannesburg. Gabriel has 20 years professional experience, specialising in financial regulation, development finance […]

Haydé Navarro Alvarez Tostado

Ms. Navarro received her MBA from IPADE Business School. With an extensive career in the financial sector, she has worked at Grupo Financiero Bancomer ( now BBVA Bancomer), Buró de Credito Trans Union and Dun & Bradstreet (the largest Credit Bureau in Mexico) and Experian de Mexico. Today, Ms. Navarro works as an independent consultant […]

Murilo Pereira

Mr. Pereira received a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Armando Alvarez Penteado (Brasil).  He is the author of numberous articles for magazines and newspapers such as CRI, Cardnews, Isto E Dinheiro, DCI, Valor Economico, as well as others.  He has over 16 years of experience within the financial market, including work with credit bureaus, […]

Joseph W. Duncan, Ph.D.

Dr. Duncan is currently an independent consultant with many clients across a broad swath of industries. Prior to leaving the private sector, Duncan served as Chief Economist for Dun & Bradstreet, where he oversaw a team of economists generating economic and strategic business analysis for D&B. Duncan has authored dozens of books and hundreds of […]

Patrick Walker, M.A.

Walker’s areas of focus include economic policy and quantitative methods. While at PERC, Walker has helped spearhead analysis examining how consumer credit scores (and credit availability and price) are impacted with the inclusion of different types and amounts of payment information in their credit files. While in the Ph.D. program at Duke University (ABD), he […]

Chet Wiermanski

Wiermanski’s areas of focus includes the application of information to produce consistent and fair automated underwriting platforms that facilitate financial inclusion. Prior to PERC Wiermanski was a Visiting Scholar with the Payment Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia exploring the use of Big Data to estimate economic conditions. Previously Wiermanski headed TransUnion LLC’s […]