Ashoka Future Forum

Dr. Michael Turner will attend the Ashoka Future Forum in Washington, D.C. Dr. Turner will be one of the 400 leading innovators from across the US who will discuss, learn and act on areas where we are seeing the most dramatic change. You can find out more online.

Global Forum on Remittances

Dr. Robin Varghese will attend the Global Forum on Remittances hosted by the IFAD in Bangkok, Thailand. For mor information about the event please visit their website.

Experian’s Vision Conference

Dr. Michael Turner will be one of a number of industry experts speaking at Experian’s 2013 Vision Conference. You can find more information here.

Second APEC Business Advisory Council

Dr. Robin Varghese was invited to participate in the second APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) that took place the first week of April.

Consumer Credit Data Task Force Meeting

CFO and Director of Research, Patrick Walker, will speak at a Consumer Credit Data Task Force Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Walker will present information regarding financial inclusion and alternative data.

Second Caribbean Credit Bureau Conference

PERC CFO and Director of Research, Patrick Walker, will present at the Second Caribbean Credit Bureau conference organized by the IFC. Earlier this year, Dr. Michael Turner presented at the first Conference. Mr. Walker will present on the benefits of alternative data.

NARUC Panel Discussion

Dr. Michael Turner will be a member of the NARUC panel discussion on utility crdit reporting. Other members of the panel incluede, Carol Wayman – of Congressman Keith Ellison’s Office, Paula Carmody – of the Maryland Office of Peoples Counsel and John Howat – of the National Consumer Law Center. More information about the event can be found […]

Eighth World COnsumer Credit Reporting Conference

Dr. Michael Turner and Dr. Robin Varghese will attend the eighth World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference. Dr. Turner will be speak at the Conference and PERC will host a booth. PERC is also one of the sponsors of the conference. Find out more about the conference here,

2012 Uncollectibles Workshop

PERC’s Director of Research, Patrick Walker, will speak at the 2012 Uncollectibles Workshop about the PERC study “A New Pathway to Financial Inclusion.” The presentation will provide results from PERC’s newly released study on the consumer credit impacts of full-file credit reporting by utilities and telecom companies.

Testimony on Capitol Hill

PERC president and CEO Dr. Michael Turner will testify on Capitol Hill September 13 at a hearing before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit. At the hearing, entitled “Examing the Uses of Consumer Credit Data,” Dr. Turner will testify on the benefits of non-financial payment data.