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United States

PERC is the premier public policy research center on matters pertaining to information policy and economic development in the US. Since 2002, PERC’s thought leadership has earned the respect of national regulators and policymakers in both parties. PERC research has contributed to changing national consumer credit reporting law and regulations, and has effected state policy and practices in numerous states across the country. PERC is a go-to resource for national media outlets on consumer credit issues, and PERC staff has served as expert witnesses on consumer credit reporting and consumer credit matters from local to federal courts.

PERC efforts in the US include:

  • Generating original quantitative economic research;
  • Generating original public policy research;
  • Organizing coalitions on federal and state policy initiatives;
  • Developing alternative data solutions to drive responsible lending and financial inclusion;
  • Advocacy in Washington, DC and in state capitals across country;
  • Extensive media relations;
  • Hosting top tier events for lawmakers, media, advocates, general public;
  • Advising federal and state policymakers upon request;
  • Testifying before Congress and state legislatures;
  • Submitting comments to courts and federal agencies; and,
  • Developing innovative disaster recovery metrics and other economic development indices.