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Mexico has two non-overlapping credit bureaus, each with distinct population segments. In addition, the primary bureau in Mexico is owned by several of the largest banks that leverage their ownership to suppress access to their data from competitors. PERC has been engaged in this market for the past decade, and our work there includes:

  • Consulting for the Inter-American Development Bank on proposed legislation;
  • Developing and implementing multi-year large-scale randomized control trial testing value of credit reporting to MFIs
  • Advising the central bank and legislature on matters pertaining to credit information sharing;
  • Industry executive outreach; and,
  • Advocating the inclusion of savings and credit cooperatives and MFI data in credit reports.

PERC also has been working in Mexico to measure the value of credit reporting and scoring in microfinance, as part of a three-country study that deploys randomized control trials to rigorously estimate the value of information sharing.