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The world’s 15th largest economy is a truly diverse and dynamic country. Currently, Indonesia uses a public credit registry for both oversight of the financial services sector, and to provide data to lenders for purposes of credit risk assessment. Consequently, it faces challenges in driving financial inclusion and providing innovative responses to the needs of the financial services market. Over the years, PERC has interfaced with senior government officials to discuss operations of the public credit registry, the need for private credit bureaus, and how alternative data can drive financial inclusion in a country where just under 2 in 10 persons have access to formal financial services. PERC efforts have included:

  • Speaking and participating in Financial Senior Officers Meeting and Financial Inclusion Workshop hosted by Bank Indonesia for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC);
  • Programming, speaking, and participating in Asian Development Bank Institute’s Financial Inclusion Forum;
  • Policymaker education; and,
  • Outreach to industry executives