SFE&PD’s 13th Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference

On Nov. 9-10, 2021, the same panel that spoke about the suppression and deletion of negative credit information in PERC’s most recent report release will speak at the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development’s (SFE&PD) 13th Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference, which will be held virtually.

SFE&PD, a national nonprofit dedicated to enhancing financial and economic literacy in the United States, focuses on ensuring more Americans become financially independent and achieve long-term economic success. Since 2007, SFE&PD has hosted its financial education conference for educators, Federal and state policy makers, financial institutions, nonprofits, researchers, and consumers to share the latest trends, financial practices, and strategies.

This year, their theme is “Financial Strategies and Economic Disparities.” As such, during their conference, an in-depth look at strategies to enhance financial well-being and overcome economic disparities will be tackled. Dr. Turner will lend his expertise for the workshop and will especially cover what poverty means in practice.

We hope that you will be able to register and catch Dr. Turner in the workshop!